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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am...disturbed.

(The chorus of "AYYYYYY- mens" ceases its reverberation.)

I in my self-absorption check out "Sitemeter" to see Whom and Why.
The referring URL's are fascinating. Sometimes I get porn searches referred to my blog.
(I once used the word in an article, and there is the whole issue of "aardvarking".) Carpentry inquiries will stumble upon the "plumbline" thingie. But now I have discovered a Callow Pretender, an alley dweller with delusions of 'varkhood. Has the nerve to refer to himself as "Orycteropus Afer", an aardvark by any other name...

Aardvark Alley is the offending site, and I am forced to go and check it out. Doubtless I shall have to dodge dumpsters, alley cats, puddles of dumpster juice, and all manner of derelicts, but your Aardvark (*ahem* whose blog pre-dates this fellow's) will forge ahead with Wellies on to discover Just What's Going On!

Do you dare explore with me?

1 comment:

MacLaren said...

Hmm. There's also this pretender: http://alittleaardvark.blogspot.com/

Fortunately, they seem to have quit posting a long time ago. Or you might have to whack 'em.