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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


This will be your Aardvark's
Loot Roster from the Christmas festivities.

* Pictured is the Fireflash model kit by Aoshima. The atomic jet liner first appeared in the Thunderbirds initial episode "Trapped in the Sky". This is awsome. Trust me.

* Looney Toons GOLDEN Collection: Volume 4

* Animaniacs Volume 1

* Fractured Flickers DVD

* A Dremel-type tool of Cunning Design

* A martini-mix set. Mmmmmm...libation-ey!

* "A Child's Christmas in Wales" DVD (Denholm Elliott)

* A glowing lava-rock looking Tiki head.

* A Tiki desk fountain. (See, I've got this serious Space-Age Bachelor Pad motif working in my office. It clashes a little with the toy collection)

* An uber pen set: fountain, biro, and mechanical pencil.

The stocking contained Jelly Babies, Reese bells, ThinkGeek Destruct Button, Walkers shortbread, assorted bungee-cord set (don't ask)...like that.

(The bungees immediately came in handy at Anime South, where we lassoed catgirls with them. No, really, we used 'em on the pop-up display)


MacLaren said...

Ah - the Thunderbirds! I dug "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun." ( I think that was the title). Another Gerry Anderson film. Bizarre. That was what the "Far Side of the Sun" suite on "Space Age" was inspired by. It's the soundtrack I wish that movie had.

The Aardvark said...

Oh, yeah! JTTFSOTS is a grand piece of work. Barry Gray did the music for all the Anderson work through Space 1999 Season One.

While I adore Grey's work, his score for "Journey" IS rather turgid. The ethereal space music track for the suspended animation flight to the new planet is his best piece. That and the "Developing the fake eyeball camera" sequence.

I'll listen to your Far Side suite with this in mind.

OH! when is a good day / time to get togather up yonder?