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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just to keep it all honest...

I have tried twice to leave this comment on Wayward Fundamentalist's Vox Day critique. It did not show up at first because of moderation, yet here it is at the end of the day, and he has a comment of his own there, and not mine.I'm not being cranky, but neither was I being snarky or abusive.

Here was my response:

You hate sounding judgmental? Then stop the Putting Forth of the Finger (check out the OT prophets about that.)

Actually, Jesus said that our loving one another was the sign that we are disciples. Rather than lovingly confronting a brother about his sin (? please reference the List of Forbidden Words from the Scriptures) you are indulging in third-person blog carping. That's kinda like gossip.

Flippin' - a common euphemism for a Reproductive Act.
Cripes - a common euphemism for "Christ".

Logs and motes, bro. Logs and motes.

If you cannot take mild correction, get out of the Blog-o-Verse tm.


Rigel Kent said...

What do you expect of a guy whose grasp of logic is so feeble he thinks because some twits do something in Ron Paul's name Paul should be punished in some way even though Paul had nothing to do with it?

The dude's a pussy, plain and simple.

MacLaren said...

Sheeeeeeet, Rigel.

Watch your ****ing language, you crazy ****!

Though, as usual, you're right, Mr. Kent.

And Aardvark - I love the way you flippin' corrected the ****ing stupid euphemisms he used. Though... I don't like the term "b***h" either, it was third party blog-carping. Of course, by saying that, I'm third-party blog carping.

That said, I'm sure Wayward Fundamentalist and I could be friends, though.

Awesome ****ing friends.

Rigel Kent said...

I was raised in a bar, what do you expect? And just to be clear I mean the kind of bar where alchol is served, I didn't forget the n.

Rigel Kent said...

Apparently I don't know how to spell alchohol! There I did it. I am so proud.

The Aardvark said...

Ummm, Rigel.

No you didn't.

Anonymous said...

Ivory Soap needed for clean up on isle 7. Ivory Soap please go to isle 7 for potty mouth clean up.

Rigel Kent said...

Damn that extra h! How'd that get in there?

Anonymous said...

The dude's a pussy, plain and simple.

While such language is not appropriate for Christians... yea, this guy is a pussy.


I was gonna point out that the town in question with those "whopping 31 votes" only had a total of 386 votes. Those 31 votes represented 12.45% of the vote in that town. And that if there had been a mistake of say 13 votes recorded rather than 0, her story might be more acceptable.

It just looks like another bureaucrat who either failed to check her list twice, or improperly recorded the results because she was asked to - wink. wink. Either way she clearly can't complete the difficult task of properly recording vote counts.

However, to comment on that dude's blog you must login? And still he can axe your comment. Whimp.

The Aardvark said...

Yeah. To my knowledge the only comment axing I have done is killing spambot entries (that's why I have moderation on...I am SO sorry!) and one guy who got a mouthful of sewage and vomited all over my blog (evocative, yes?).

I HAVE put up a blog at WordPress, just to balance things out:


The blog name is "Non Compost Mentis". Right now I just have duplicates of a couple of entries here at the Plumbline. It will be primarily about my adventures as a repentant Christian environmental studies major who is rediscovering the joys of organic gardening and composting. (Few things are more humbling than gleaning horsie poo from the local riding trail, but there are few things better for one's garden -well composted, of course.)

Anonymous said...

I am just always put off by "Christians" that act all holy about bad words. It seems that they only witness on the weekend or if a "lost soul" wanders into the church service...

I live out there with the potty mouths. I have also been known to let an expletive slip now and again. :o)

And just for good measure, I tend to swear around Christians on purpose. They act so shocked to hear such language. I think it just shows that they are 'acting holy' rather than letting Christ in their hearts 'set them apart' as 'holy.'

As to monitoring a post, I view it as personal property. If you don't want certain language on your blog, axe the comment. I just think it is kind of whimpy to have everyone "login" and identify themselves. Kind of "big brother" ya know?

The Aardvark said...

I appreciate you, CD

By sewage, I meant just that!

The average invective at Vox's, say, is standard fare for those of us who navigate in the Real World. There are those, however, that could make Larry Flynt blanch in horror (though perhaps I am overstating it slightly). It is to one of those worthies I referred.

When I had ministerial leanings in college, I did not indulge in invective, but I always felt insulted when people would excuse themselves for cussing in my presence, as though I were a maiden aunt, or a Caspar Milquetoast prone to curdle in the presence of offending verbage.

So many brethren are more picky than the Lord about things.

The more things change...

I HATE moderating. I operate on a "do unto others" concept. I despise having to fill out the little squiggly letters at other's blogs, thus I REALLY hate putting others through the hassle. Stupid Spam-bots. Parasites.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aardvark, it's nice to be appreciated. :o)

I always felt insulted when people would excuse themselves for cussing in my presence...

Me too, only I still deal with it daily. I work around a bunch of guys, from the south. They either cuss to see if i'll squirm, or they are excusing their language. I guess it just comes with the territory. :o)

So many brethren are more picky than the Lord about things.

The more things change...

Amen. And AMEN!

The Aardvark said...

Sa-a-a-ay, CD...
You work at a trucking company?

Anonymous said...

Nahhh... I work for a company with a contract at a paper mill. :o)

MacLaren said...

Wow. You got 15 comments. Including your own, and also Including this piece of ****!

Rigel Kent said...

Jealous much Vidad?

Anonymous said...

Heh. I left a comment asking the guy why he used the words "crap" and "pissy" in the post where he went off on Steve B--because those are, after all, vulgar.

I haven't been back yet, though, so I don't know what he's done with them.

The Aardvark said...

I know. Mrs. P.

I went there.

You are SO banned.

The Aardvark said...

The operative law at work in this sitch is:

"Your dirt is dirty.
Mine's not."

Ian McLeod said...

verdammt! the nerve of some people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I figured I was banned. He even wrote me a pleasant little note telling me I was a "mentally depraved jack assed fool."

He also accused me of adultery. I may post our little e-mail exchange on my blog--redacting, of course, his name and addy. (It's about time I posted SOMETHING...)

You'd think a Christian, much less a fundamentalist, would know better than to behave as he does. I think his nickname "wayward" is more than apt.

(I wonder whether it was the "thou shalt not swear" comment that set him off, or the ones where I advised him to check the facts before simply accepting that Ron Paul and/or Joe McCarthy are evil.)

The Aardvark said...

By all means, post. As you say, it's about time!

(This is why your Blog link reads as it does here at the Plumbline! "Moar" indeed!)

In all seriousness, pray for this guy. He has ...issues (gad, such insight...how do I DO it?)

As one interested in etymology, what is a "jack-assed fool"? One who is incautious when sitting upon tire-changing implements?

The Scarlet Letter, eh? WOW! That is sure an amazing accusation. Wow.

If you read the "why" of his name, it will Amaze and Astound you. It is part of the reason for my "Church" screed a few days ago. (wow, I do all that work , and no comments. *pout*)

The Aardvark said...

Oh, Vidad...
this is comment # 23