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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Brother, can you spare a dime ?

One of the most amusing things I have heard in awhile was an audio montage of all the jackass...er...Democrat candidates proclaiming their commitment to "change".

"Change...commitment to change...effect change...agents of change...". Like that.
It makes me want to go to the primary events and fling hands-ful of coins of varying denomination.

Have I said how bored I am with all of this?

"Change" covers a vast continuum. Climate change is the bogey du jour, and it is surely not a positive in most minds. Do they plan on enlarging their carbon footey-prints?
Do they wish to limit liberties even more than Fearless Leader has against the Terrace?
To paraphrase the ditzy alienette from the third season of Star Trek (the REAL one):

"Change and change...what is change?"

What worries me is the way the Great Unwashed accept the litany of change as carven in stone (pauses a beat...). "Our headaches are over...here comes Moses with the tablets!"

I am ready for change; change to the way things should be. The You Ess of Ay has fallen a great fall, with Lincoln putting the kibosh on states rights, through the predations of liberty through the 20th century, up to the swaddling cloth of Homeland Security. We need a return to Constitutional limits upon government, and to the vistas of personal liberty we are being denied today.

McCain has won New Hampshire. The Hilldebeast is looking likely.

Can one be bored and fearful at the same time?


MacLaren said...

Changing things is precisely what people should have stopped doing a long time ago. "World improvers" are responsible for a lot of messes.

That said... you didn't steal my Ron Paul sign, did you?

Ian McLeod said...

C'est la guerre. Iceland is starting to sound better and better.

The Aardvark said...

You mean...

THIS Ron Paul sign?


The Aardvark said...





MacLaren said...

I love Bjork.

Think there's a chance anarchy will come back into style there?

Rigel Kent said...

You're title here reminded me of something that happened the second time I was homeless. I was heading back to the shelter I was living in at the time when a guy I recognised from there (but who didn't recognise me) asked me for some change. He had his line about using it for food (which was bull, the shelter gave out food for free), I just found it too damn funny and decided to give him some change because it tickled my funny bone to do so.

That's always effected the way I look at these politcos and how they wanna 'help' the poor. These idiots have no idea what they're talking about. They don't see how they're parasites that game the system while people who could actually use the help and do something constructive with it are too damn busy trying to find work to deal with the bureaucracy.

This is why small private organisations are better for this kinda thing. They're on the scene and actually know who's trying to improve and who's just messi' around.

What people don't understand is if someone's asking for a hand out then they're not looking for work. This is just as true if it's the guy stoppin' you in the street or going to some government building.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rigel. Twice homeless. Very glad you're back on your feet, as 'twere. You have a needed perspective.

Yeah, the pols are very big on their "helping people", with Other People's Money.

Rather like the Hollywoodies, who kvetch about how mean (in the classical sense) Americans are, while they do no more (and often less) than your everyday sort. I will give Angelina Jolie kudos: she puts her money where her pouty mouth is.

Are you third-shifting?

Rigel Kent said...

I don't know what third shifting means. If you'd be so kind as to explain I'd be happy to answer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Do you work third shift?

The Aardvark said...

Iceland is officially an anarchy.

If ANYTHING can be officially an anarchy.

Rigel Kent said...

Not at the moment. My scedule kind of straddles 1st & 2nd. I've done 3rd and I like it. I'm just a natural night owl.