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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Your Aardvark was in Montgomery, AL this weekend. I attended the Starfleet Region 2 Summit. I am not a member of this august group, but sell my wares at their events. I print their Summit shirts, and that has gained my entry into an otherwise closed organization.Color me Ferengi-at-Large. As I have explained in previous posts, Starfleet is a civic organization which raises funds for charity, and is built around the Star Trek universe. Think of the Rotary Club with phasers. Klingons with fezzes. Like that. I have good friends in Starfleet, but I see a sad side to this. You have the Movers and Shakers who are Normal People in an Odd Club, and then you have the people who have no lives outside of Trek, about whom documentaries are made. The grown men who go to a convention with their mothers.

I am respectful of filial devotion, and sharing fun things with family, but....It's just so different. I'm talking myself out this, 'cos doggone it, at least these guys have their moms, and have an active relationship with them. It's kind of sweet.

But it sure is different.

It seems that the Star Trek franchise is moribund. Yes, there is a movie in the works, but that's happening in summer aught-nine. Pfui. Amway is more popular at this juncture, just not as much fun. This waning interest is a problem for fan groups like Starfleet, who are suffering (apparent) decline in membership.

Rank is gained through passing tests demonstrating the acquisition of knowledge and skills, like Merit Badges, only shinier. These guys have fun, but it's Fun with a Purpose. Hello.

If you have time on your hands, and like Star Trek, check out your local Starfleet ship (local clubs are organized as "ships", and can be any group signatory in the Federation. Thus you have Klingon ships, f'rinstance.) A good time can be had by all. And it'll get you out with People, and away from your household Logic.
OK, to reward sniveling, here is a link to an amusing Star Trek blog entry.
It IS funny, and would be great for the Star Trek: Phase Two crowd to play with.

I'd download it!


      MacLaren said...

      What? No link to my amazing Star Trek story? Or to Bethke's hilarious script.

      Tch tch tch.

      The Aardvark said...

      Who's the whiny boy, then?

      You clearly have no empathy for my having spent the whole weekend in Montgomery.




      Rigel Kent said...

      Now Vidad, Aardvark didn't link to my story either, and you don't see me pouting. I hide it too well for that.

      MacLaren said...

      Rigel, you KNOW that your entry would just make people cry.

      Whereas mine will just make them up their medication.

      MacLaren said...

      And Aardvark, I'm sorry.

      I'm totally whiny. I really am. A whiny self-centered prima donna. (Did I spell that right?)

      I'm sorry.

      I'm sorry.

      I'm sorry.

      "I'm sorry," he typed again, for the fourth time in a row. Vidad was being obnoxious on a blog. And it wasn't even his.

      One day he'd learn not to mess around on the 'net.

      One day.