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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Non sequitur. Your facts are uncoordinated.

MeTV had one of my favorite Star Trek episodes: "The Changeling", which features one of my favorite voice actore, Vic Perrin (who has been credited at last in the remastered episodes, one of the only true improvements of the effort. I mean, the CGI Enterprise looks like an inflatable...). Kirk's haranguing NOMAD into a cybernetic breakdown is the most plausible of all of his anti-computer reasonings.

"Curse of the Undead" is the Svengoolie offering, a Western vampire tale. The Trek pilot "Menagerie" featured the doctor from this film as the doctor on the Enterprise. John Hoyt was the actor, a prolific character actor. Eric Fleming plays the Preacher, a far cry from his Gil Favor on "Rawhide".

Not much more to say except:

VTTBOTS was an excellent episode, guest starring Victor Buono as the Villain of the Week, a crazy Swiss scientist bent on taking over the world with cyborgs! He replaces Admiral Nelson with an exact duplicate, in order to trigger a nuclear war. Buono's character eats constantly, and has a golf cart to ride in, as he cannot comfortably walk anymore.



Rigel Kent said...

At best only tangentially related, but the title of your post made me think of this review at SF Debris: http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/v822.php

I thought you might enjoy it.

Michael W said...

My only regret about the failure of the failed 1967 TV pilot of "Dick Tracy" not being available is because Victor Buono was the villain.

"CGI Enterprise" looks like an inflatable." Yeah, it hardly makes up for the new angles viewers get of the ship.

(What wouldn't you give to have Shatner on the new episodes going: "This is Captain Kirk of the CGI Enterprise"?)

Jay said...

Vic Perrin was the "Paul Frees" of '60s Trek. Usually a computer or "radio" voice. Actually seen in "The Devil in the Dark" episode.

Michael Pate, Curse of the Undead vampire, commented he had gotten strange looks after the films' release while on a plane trip in his native Australia (There's a vampire in the terminal!).

Never was a Voyage to the Bottom of the Barrel enthusiast (It degenerated into "monster of the week".) though I do like Victor Buono. I think he was great in The Strangler.

Michael W said...

@Jay --- Victor Buono was always a joy to watch. His turns as King Tut on the old "Batman" TV series were comedic classics. I also enjoyed him as Tung-Tze in "The Silencers", and as Julius Limeway in "Goodnight My Love".

The Aardvark said...

@Rigel- Thank you. That is dreadfully entertaining, and highlights a major issue I have had with Voyager. Besides, I cannot respect a show that I can sum up on a t-shirt: "Are we there yet?"

@Michael- Buono's debut was as Bette Davis' accompanist "boyfriend" in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane".

"Whoo whooooo...I'm the Super Chief!"

@Jay- Perrin (Doctor Zin on "Jonny Quest") was the Control Voice on the original "The Outer Limits", and was the leader of the Halkan Council in the original "Trek" episode "Mirror, Mirror" Don't recall him in "Devil in the Dark". Of course, he was a mainstay in OTR.