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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The REAL Nightmare Before Christmas.

 Went to Cracker Barrel last night w/ the fam, and MERCY! Christmas Town had thrown up. Lookit, I have a soft, creamy centre where Christmas is concerned, but REALLY, people....

When I was a kid, there was Hallowe'en, then the Jack-o-lanterns got healed, and there were whole pumpkin pictures and cornucopias and turkeys with Pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving, then the day after Thanksgiving, Wonderland happened! Lights were strung, snowflakes and angels and fir trees, oh MY adorned the shop windows. Horns and candy canes went up on the downtown light poles, and late Fifties Christmas music filled the stores.

Magic happened. In a good way.

Now we have the Holiday-Industrial complex flogging Hallowgivingmas. Jewish folks should rejoice that Hanukkah has escaped relatively unscathed.


Michael W said...

There has also been the tendency to re-arrange holidays in order to provide three day weekends (all the better to shop). We are no longer obliged to care about the reason for a particular holiday . . . we just mark the link between one three-day sale to the next.

Doom said...

Being single it is easy. I just don't go out much. For the most part I can don an mp3 and avoid most of the scene. I just don't like, and never have, Christmas(tm). Now, I don't care if it is commercial, or faith, if they overdue too much is too much. Many churches play right into the hands of the commercial by pushing the holiday way out of it's timeline. Helps business collude against us, I think.

While I am not quite purely with the Pilgrims, I can see their point. They actually outlawed the practice of Christmas, because the Brits had done the same thing to it. That law didn't stick, as you can plainly see. Bleh.

I am going to celebrate this year, but I think I am going back to the traditional, or a traditional, observance. Perhaps the literal 12 days of Christmas? Something.

Jay said...

I think Lucy was right about the "eastern syndicate".

I hardly go out during any holiday and my depression around the holidays drastically decreased when I got off commercial TV (Home video helped mightily!). Those Andre champagne ads were especially irksome.

Scrooge was right. Bob Cratchit was a whiner. Tiny Tim was a malingerer. Ho ... ho ... hum ...