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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Warm Breeze From the Hot East

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It is time to prepare. As trendies and "environmentally aware" people from the West Coast become cognizant of the new gift that Japan is sending us, the air and sea-borne radiation plume from the Fukushima nuclear wreck, they will abandon California and environs faster than FOX abandoned "Dollhouse". They will move East. To see the results of this migration, just look at Austin. It is the pox of Western proggie politics on Texas' bum. (I blame "Austin City Limits" on PBS. It attracted the trendy leftists like chronoton particles to a cosmic string, or something.) Civil liberties like free speech and the second amendment are regularly quashed and ignored there, at least if you are on the wrong end of the political spectrum.

Expect to see incursions of West Coast denizens fleeing the Atom Monster in your state soon. Understand that they WILL bring the attitudes that render The Left Coast unfit for human habitation, and with those, the legislation to force California regulationism onto their hosting states, like the bothersome houseguest who insists the A/C be this temperature, the coffee just so strong, and that station to always be on the radio. It is imperative to be vigilant. This is a real threat, coming to a "conservative" state near you.

You heard it here first.

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