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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Waxing WROTH!!

So, the Angry Little Aardvark hears that BIGGER barricades are being erected at great expense to prevent elderly WW2 veterans from viewing the PRIVATELY FUNDED memorial. Also armed guards.

Armed. Guards.

If a nonagenarian vet insists upon seeing HIS memorial, to see the names of his fallen comrades at Iwo Jima, or Omaha Beach, to remember, he runs the risk of being shot. At HIS privately funded memorial.

This is not "budgetary". The administration is spending make-believe money to prosecute a spiteful tantrum. This is Sending a Message. Veterans are not heroes, they are scum. They are The Enemy.

IMMEDIATELY upon hearing this news, I heard this a radio ad. I paraphrase the first clause badly:

"Veterans served well, but when their behavior changes, call 800-XXX-YYYY, and press '1'."

I rest my case.

If this resonates at all, please share. America has changed. The "servants" style themselves as rulers.


Michael W said...

Not too surprisingly this entire "shutdown" business has me totally confused.

Not only that, but unless things have changed since I last looked, the World War II Memorial is out in the open. How do you close an open-air memorial? It strikes me as sort of like closing Mount Everest, or the Pyramids.

Doom said...

They spend money on workers who, by what they are doing, obviously are unnecessary, so shouldn't be working. That's how they close off an open air park.

As for me, I just wish I lived closer so that I could be there and help. I'll take a hit, wouldn't be the first time.

Michael W said...

And another thing. How much money did it cost to print and distribute the signs saying that the monument was closed due to the shutdown?

The Aardvark said...

'Tweren't cheap.

Pepp'ridge Fahms remembers.