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Sunday, October 27, 2013

So I had to sign in to Facebook. It told me that I had to convert my "Aardvark Screenprinting" page to "Facebook for Business". I did so, and it promptly lost two-plus years of postings. This is me being unhappy.
I had a neat discovery. Warner Archive has a channel accessible to my Roku, and I think for online viewing, and they offer a two-week trial. I signed up, and watched the two-hour pilot of "PROBE", the 1972 cyber-espionage series. Highly recommended, and makes me want to wear French cuffs, or '70s necklaces. Ther is also the Irwin Allen SF schlock-fest "City Beneath the Sea". Gotta use those VTTBOTS props for something!
Star Trek's "Mirror Mirror" is on Bearded Spock and all. Vic Perrin is the Halkan Council Leader. What is with Starfleet chicks wearing hair like Church of God matrons?

Svengoolie is showing  "Kiss of the Vampire", a Hammer offering distributed by Universal. Creepy, and Christopher Lee - free.

Living la vida Centauri, thanks to Chris Hagood:

Photo: This is going to have to do until I have a higher res picture.


Michael W said...

PROBE and CITY BENEATH THE SEA. Two of my favorites (even if, in regards to the latter, I have to swallow the idea of an asteroid still hundreds of thousands of miles from Earth being able to destroy an offshore platform).

As for PROBE: being hooked up to a living Internet through personal communicators. Rather perspicacious for its time. Plus you got Sir John Gielgud and Burgess Meredith as bonuses.

As for Starfleet regulations concerning female hair: all the better to start a New Wave band after you leave the Service.

("It wasn't no Klingon . . . it was a ROCK LOBSTER!")

The Aardvark said...

I had a blue "jewel" tie tack and somewhat matching cufflinks in the early '70s. You can imagine what I played, imagination-wise. "City" was a great Irwin Allen almost-disaster flick, not the least reson being that asteroids always zoom through space red-hot and roaring.

As prescient as PROBE was in showing a DARPA-style net, it is interesting that Straczynski missed having personal computers available on Babylon 5, although they DID refer to the "Interweb" (which thing we call the net to th1s day in our household, though I believe we came to it in parallel fashion).

B52s? Just yes. I have no idea why I like them. Then again, I like Esquivel.

Michael W said...

I like about half of the B-52s songs. Pieces like "Dirty Back Road", "53 Miles West of Venus", "Quiche Lorraine", "Roam" and "Channel Z". They're rather like soda pop (nicely fizzy but not essential).

And God Bless Irwin Allen's sense of physics. I always remember the flaming Van Allen Belt from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea".

(For a program entitled "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", the Seaview sure spent an awful lot of time on or near the surface.)