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Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas (or) An Intellectual Aglet


The underlying assumption that our 'Green' president, and the other politicos in Washington actually WANT sustainable energy to replace coal, nuclear and other sources of electricity is unwarranted. Between UN plans like Agenda 21 and our Dear Leader's consistent failures to fund a successful green energy plan (see Solyndra, as one example) while shutting down functioning power plants with no replacement, it is clear that what they truly want are United States of third-world capabilities, of a citizenry operating at energy deficits, and an industrial base underpowered and incapable of competing on the world stage.

When we prepare the garden here in North Alabamastan, come harvest-time, we do not uproot the produce and throw it away so as to make room for plants we have not even sprouted yet. This illustrates Liebe F├╝hrer's energy plan. There is no magical mystery uber windmill or solar cell array that will produce enough energy to replace the coal plants that he continues to shut down. Depending on whose propaganda to which one attends, nuclear is arguably "cleaner" than coal insofar as The Dread Carbon is concerned. El Presidente is shutting down plants while having no replacements extant. This is a plan, not for world market leadership, but for downsizing, downgrading.

Downright foolish (or otherwise very well planned).


Jay said...

Maybe Chairman Barry has a perpetual motion machine waiting in the wings ... To go along with that already long up and running perpetual idiocy machine.

The Aardvark said...

Perpetual motion? HE'S GOT IT!

Watch the Debt Clock. If we could harness that....