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Friday, October 25, 2013

To follow up on a bleat awhile back I have discovered Font Squirrel, a site that features eminently usable free font downloads that are 100% commercial friendly. Hurray!

Got a new tool yesterday from Amazon, an ASUS laptop. Blistering fast, and it even has Mahjong! It is my office/con machine, and its name is NOMAD. The only downside is the learning curve with Windows 8. Not, shall we say, intuitive. I had to look up how to turn it off. (We had to look up several things, like how to get a usable desktop, so we may just have hunted a lot for the offening.)
The medical trial continues apace. The medication is allowing me to sleep through the night without having to get up to drain the wing tanks (unless of course I drink summat late at night, like the cinnamon tea I am currently enjoying).
I am seething. I am angry with rage. Warner Brothers DVD is Teh Suck. I opened season one of "Babylon 5". Three episodes are unwatchable due to bad discs. Pixilation and freeze-ups. AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! Of course, they are KEY episodes, too, like the one introducing Mr. Morden, the Shadow operative.

Of course, now I am annoying everyone in earshot with my Londo Mollari impersonation, yes?


Doom said...

My dear, dear, dear boy, we all speak in such a manner. Why I keep you around, Ver, is sometimes beyond me.

Drats! I have been considering ordering that very thing. I have most of the vhr collection, but who knows what of it I have or in what condition it is in (seeing as the move to, and storage in, the heat we have out here cooked a camera, and other things). But even more, I don't even have a vhr player anymore. Gah! Can't people just do the simple stupid things right? Makes me suspicious that my grandpa, a moonlander doubter, may have been correct. Argh!

Yeah, I won't even buy a new computer, of any sort, until there is a reliable and usable (for games mostly) OS platform. I have heard 7 was okay, I know XP was okay (no better, they were both slightly flawed, glitched, and insecure). Enjoy if you can, I don't have the kind of interest to put into even having to look up simply how to turn off a computer. When techs put their heas up their asses, it seems they can even, somehow, get their feet in as well. Some advances simply aren't what others are. My guess? Win 8 was a system written to help .gov spy on you. MS, Verizon, and the rest, have been cajoled, threatened, court mandated, and legislated, and bribed, and perhaps offered the information for their own uses, to work with NSA. Beside the obvious fact that MS couldn't keep up with either computers or devices, so thought if they couldn't do either well, they would just compromise? What idiots. Can't swim or jog in a competitive way, just swog? Idiots! Just as the Zerocare rollout has no problems save that they didn't want them to work as they promised and wanted things hidden... and they wanted your data first.

Oh, so it really was to not get up? :p Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you if you have to go every four hours!!11!3`1#$@~! Oh yes, Doom is dancing his tease jig on this side.

The Aardvark said...

These are older discs...they may be available in a newer "pressing". There is MUCH angst online over the dreadful quality of the set I have. It IS available on Amazon video.

I was not happy with having to get a new logic, but the old one was becoming creakily slow. ASUS makes a good machine, and it has AMD processors.

NSA? Certainly. All OSs have back doors.

Exactly. I did not want to get up....

Michael W said...

Jeremiah once met Peter Jurasik at a convention and impressed him with his Londo impersonation.

I've recently rediscovered Free Cell on my computer. I had forgotten how addictive that game could be.

We've still got two VHS players (and a few large boxes worth of tapes . . . including some items transferred over from Beta). This is what happens when you possess eclectic tastes in video.

Doom said...

Not just OS'es. Everything contains a back door, and they pile on, sometimes accidentally, sometimes quite on purpose, not always for the reasons mentioned. As I have it, because of security issues, there was a space on satellites, for covert sat phones back when only .mil and some .gov had such, so that usage was allowed but without traces. Sometimes the back doors are merely allowance for usage. Who knows, though, really.

Yes, it is in my Amazon cart. But now I am afraid to pull that trigger. I suppose I could try to review everything, but the only way to be sure would be to actually watch every episode, front to back, before the 30 days was up. Doable, sometimes, but annoying and not how I want to have to watch them.

Free Cell? Yes, very addictive. Way too much yum. My problem with it is that I have been trying to actually work each and every out, on my own. Master them one by one. Some are so complex that... pure memory, or at my level, doesn't really help. I have stopped playing until I am in shape to handle that gig again.

My last gal hated being Ver. She loved the series, so knew who I was discussing. I would use Londo lines on her, there are some about not going away mad, and getting over things, and such. Hate, I think, would be the word for her reactions. She always came back, even smiled, like a good little Ver. :p She also got to be whatshisface, the last commander's girlfriend, too. Which she didn't mind as much, unless I cracked on her alien weirdness from some "two-bit" "alien hater". :p God, I do love women. Best Christmas present I ever got, for sure.

Jay said...

@'Vark- That reminds me ... Did your Haruhi "replacements" work out OK? Curse Bandai for dropping the distribution ball the way they did. Lotsa' good series are in U.S. distribution limbo because of that.

My guess is that they were running out of the right discs somewhere in Mexico (Or wherever it is Bandai had them made.) and they just grabbed whatever available and threw 'em in the case.

The Aardvark said...

@Jay- I have some of two separate releases, somehow. Al and I have had neither the time nor the inclination to sort them out yet. I'll probably have to piece it together with single discs off of Amazon.

@Michael- I met Peter Jurasik at CoastCon several years ago. Very nice man, yes?

@Doom- I love Vir Cotto. He is the embodiment of the Peter Principle, but he gets over it.

I picked up a new season one set on Amazon, because completist. I'll let you know if it's better.