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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Rest Well!

If the video that is SUPPOSED to be herein embedded is not, the link is



Doom said...

I will? Did you... forget the body of the post, is my machine just not showing it, or... is this just seeing if I am already resting? ^.^

The Aardvark said...

Rest in Peace...

There is a video.


Ignore the name "LaRouche" and you'll be fine.

Doom said...


You know, I have seen that suicidal aspect of Zero. I have even suggested in various comments at different blogs that I wondered if he wouldn't be the first suicide in office. And I see him as hugely dangerous to the US, and everyone really. I guess I just didn't take that and put it all together... but I think LaRouche has a point. I'm just hoping that the mechanism it takes to do such a thing would arrest him for ordering an unprovoked attack. Perhaps we will have our first coupe?

Were in the world do you find such things?

Oh, by the way, I traveled on boomers from time to time. Still using mervs, I would have thought, it being the service and all, they would have tired of that acronym and come up with something else by now. *grins* The first sub I sailed with had the capacity to take out every major city in Russia alone, assuming it survived after getting the first volley airborne. That... is by no means guaranteed. Down to 14 boomers? I always thought there were more, but that was under Reagan. Though, perhaps there weren't more, I never actually checked.

The Aardvark said...

You were a boomer boy? You are my hero!

So the sub's survival after launch was not guaranteed, huh?

Yeah, a number of subs have been decommissioned. We're one big happy world, now!

Doom said...

Oh, and the video made it sound like the subs could get their payloads off in two volleys. Not in my day... at least. Actually, a sub might fire only one or two, then go as deep as we dared and as fast as we could row in a straight line.

Nope, no guarantee at all. The commies could see where the missiles were launched by satellite (we can actually track their subs by satellite, have been able to since the 70's, I didn't write that). And they could range us in five minutes or less and have a nasty little gift for us. Their gift vaporizes one square mile of water, at least, which... means anything smaller than a carrier within... 40, maybe 60 knotical miles? Down teh tubes! Well, surface craft. I think we would have had to be 20 to 40 knoticals away if I had to speculate. Actually, we didn't... expect to survive, only had a best plan to survive.

I was sort of a boomer boy, bubble head (or butt depedning on whether you liked us), give or take. The bubble notion comes from training to "drive" the sub (first watch learned by all enlisted iirc), you learn to know tilt, thus like the bubble in a level, it becomes ingrained in your mind/body (since you like trivia).