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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Donning the tinfoil chapeau


While the Dread Dormomoo and himself drove from Dallas, your Aardvark saw two flatbed trailers hauling desert sand armor. I have never seen the like before. It was similar to the M113A2 APC pictured above, but more squat, and more sharply beveled front and rear. There was no turret, or machine gun, but there were what appeared to be three double gun ports on the side facing me, comme ├ža:

Not the Merrimack on treads

I claim few draughting skills, but this will give a  decent approximation of what I saw. There were two trucks hauling these westward on I-20 this afternoon, and a third truck with a more conventional armed APC. Given that our armed forces are practising anti-terrorist drills here in the YouEssofAY with the terrorists being role-played as guys in plaid shirts and John Deere hats (doubtless waving pocket Constitutions and Ron Paul placards), seeing things like this gives me Some Small Concern

(Before your eye-rolling at the links ties your optic nerves in knots, feel free to actually follow the links to the cited Army docs and all.)

Point: If anyone can ID the vehicle, I would appreciate it. The thing looked like what the mobile pillboxes I have been hearing about would look like. It could have been a shipment to a base, or materiel  being moved from "A" to "B". Whatever the reason, it gives me mild unease.


Doom said...

Wish I could. The design is odd though, looks to be prepped to withstand heavy artillery and tank fire more than to be used on civilians. Does Zero think we have hidden howitzers in our basements, and worked as clubs to make them mobile over our smartphones? Just some thoughts on the machine.

As for tinfoil-hat-tomfoolery? Yeah, well, I can't say I wear this particular tinfoil-hat full time, but I keep it handy and don it often enough to think there is much more to the threat than just smoke from a boy scout camp. I don't know how far it is along, how much both parties participate, who really is behind it or leading at various levels... But it is there. Maybe it always has been though, only modern times don't allow for many secrets what with phone cameras, enemies of the state revealing wrong and right info, and all the rest.

Don't know, do care, am worried, won't lose sleep, guns are loaded. Would die if they came for me, but hopefully not alone. But even if I die alone it would probably be much better to be dead than, at a minimum, disappeared into an information extraction lab or even a forgotten political prison for the rest of your natural life, living, eating, sleeping, drinking, and the rest at the whims of sadistic hateful guards. Guards who have been indoctrinated to hate us more then they hate muslims but are free from the restrictions placed on guards who do deal with muslim mass murderers.

Just... thinking.

Doom said...

Oh, if you are really worried about tanks and it becomes critical, there... is a solution. Yeah, a lot of work, some money, prep, and the like but... As elephants really do avoid mice, tanks have their own mice.

You know, for as much as I look at things, I did not know concertina wire (of the triple strand varietal, or at least double for tanks (men can get over double pretty easily)) was the Achilles heel of tanks to travel. No clue whatsoever. Tank mines, sure, but those are... rare and hard to come by. If this will stop a full on tank I am quite sure it will handle a personnel carrier. Thanks for the research assignment.