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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Con Grumpery

Artists Alley: because all animated characters need to be sexualised.
To the cosplayers and their admirers: of course stopping for photos in the middle of the aisle is the BEST idea ever!
I have eaten Vietnamese food twice in my life, once at this convention. No matter how heavenly it smells, it still winds up tasting like dirt.
That's about it for grumping. It has been a phenomenal con overall! We have one day remaining, and we have broken our goal already! Dallas has not seen the last of the Aardvarks!

I was listening to the Evocation CD on the way here, and was reminded of the music video for the Dire Straits song "Calling Elvis".

Evocation is an album of Gerry Anderson's favorite music.

 Here is another goodie, an SF comedy in stop-motion animation from Gerry Anderson: Dick Spanner, P.I.  


Michael W said...

Back in the years when I worked in downtown Houston I was a devotee of the restaurants in the Chinatown area (and thank you, General Tso, for all the chicken!). One day I noticed a new place had opened. It was a Vietnamese place and, out of curiosity, I went ahead and sampled their bill of fare.

It became the first time ever that I had to rush to the bathroom and throw up.

Doom said...

Hmm, you guys... I've eaten so many things, foods, even live, raw of course, grub. I've tried almost anything and everything I could get... On an exotic list, I got 69 out of 100, but some of the things were drinks (20 or so), which I just don't do. Still, you make Vietnamese food... Well, I'm just thinking I might prefer to go give grub a second try first... That's all. Thanks for the notions. :p