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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cue theremin...


 I have seen the future, sez the Nostravark!

First, congratulations, Alabama voters! You have allowed the professional politicians to extort you with threats of prisoners being released, and your children being teacherless or schoolless, and now the trust fund will be pilfered with no promise of repayment.

That said, get set for four more years of President Barack Hussein Obama, because the national Democrat machine will use virtually the same tactics, except that now they will accuse Romney of wanting to kill Medicare, take meals on wheels out of the very mouths of the elderly, and force the children to huff toxic gases straight from the exhaust of military vehicles. And you know what?

You'll buy it. UNLESS of course you realise that NO political party would try to destroy the LARGEST voting bloc they have at their disposal. Republicans will NOT try to kill Grandma or Grandpa, or starve the children in school, or purposely poison your air or water.

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