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Saturday, September 29, 2012

So, it's been a long week...

Picture of your Aardvark after printing two major jobs Thursday.

This week has been a "try mens' souls" week. More work than we could possibly get out timely, but we dood it! I am taking off tomorrow, and will veg. I do not hurt now, but that is because aspirin is a food group. Amongst other work, we had a 100+ shirt job, 2-color front and back, due this morning (Friday), and the customer got the artwork to us Thursday morning. This is what happens when customers have had uber service from us in the past, just like the Advanced classes the smart kids take. Lesson learnt? "If you are smart, you have to work MORE!"

Naw, I'm just physically beat. I am astoundingly thankful for our work. I am also astoundingly thankful for my pillow! Loen and Riatsila are at AWA this weekend, selling our awesome shirts of awesomeness.

I'll share some more later.


Rest in peace.

From J. Michael Strazynski: I regret that I must convey the sad news that Michael O'Hare passed away today. He suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was in a coma until his passing this afternoon. This is a terrible loss for all B5 fans and everyone involved with the show wishes to convey their condolences to the O'Hare family. He was an amazing man.

""Ask ten different scientists about the environment, population control, genetics, and you'll get ten different answers, but there's one thing every scientist on the planet agrees on. Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It'll take Marilyn Monroe, and Lao-Tzu, and Einstein, and Morobuto, and Buddy Holly, and Aristophanes, and - all of this - all of this - was for nothing. Unless we go to the stars. "" - Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair - Babylon 5

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