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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Remember when I said, somewhere...?

Polygamy being the next Thing?


Yes it is one "thruple" (neologisms like that are yet another sign of the End of Things). In Brazil, but hey, it's in the same hemisphere!


Doom said...

If I had to give on marriage, I would rather give on polygamy. In Jewish tradition, if not now (among Orthodox or some subset?), and even to a degree in the early church, a second wife (or just woman in the early Church), or more, was not forbidden. Divorce wasn't even truly forbidden, just a disappointment.

No, I'm not... supporting it. I just haven't ever seen, save through state actors wanting fewer babies, or this or that, more so as they planned to take over welfare, I don't see the bible banning the practice. Homosexuality? Yeah, both Old and New categorically deny that practice. Multiple wives? Where? Still, I abide the Magisterium and tradition as it is now, and I want to keep my thin hold on sanity, so wouldn't take two wives if they were both rich and... bountiful. :p

The Aardvark said...


Adam defined marriage:

"For this cause a man (singular) shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife (singular), and they shall be one flesh."

Jesus thought enough of what Adam said to quote him.

The math is simple: 1+1=1.