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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Pie Fixes Everything!

Hello, Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea…

Your all-American Aardvark is reporting from Business Center Dallas, at the Sheraton. Animefest is happening with great enthusiasm. Many otaku are milling about, and the Aardvark and the Dread Dormomoo are selling the shirts.

One design has won us quite a bit of attention: Bruce Bethke’s Che Guevara “Douchebag” shirt.  We had one callow yout’ come up and proclaim himself a big Che fan, and took issue with me over our shirt. Could not quite wrap his head around Che being a murderous thug, since Guevara  “was following what he believed”. I told him that I believed that since he disagreed with me, then I should shoot him. I give him credit for not running for the police and accusing me of threatening to kill him. He got it, though not enough to get that I was applying his own reasoning. I pulled out the trump card, that Guevara was a racist by his own writing.  He thought Mexicans were sub-human, and accused Negroes of being lazy and shiftless. The lad’s response: “Actions speak louder than words.”.  Y’see, Che went to the Congo to help liberate the blacks from British colonialism, and deliver them into Marx’s loving bosom. Uh, wrong-o, Mary Lou. Che was a Marxist True Believer, fighting against the Colonials to bring about a Marxist State. Period. History shows how much this has helped the Congo (and every other African nation where it has been tried). There was more, but we shook hands, declared our mutual thanks for Stirring Debate, and he went on his way, perhaps regaling his girl companion of how he clearly pwnd me for good and all. Another fine sample of public schooled excellence.

We are staying 3 miles or so from the Sheraton at a Holiday Inn on Harry Hines Blvd. We are right next to the Original Market Diner, a fixture (tho' under different names) since 1954. The food is excellent, the staff are Texas-friendly, and Chris the greeter is ten pounds of energy in a five-pound box. From Eggs Benedict to hamburgers to pie, these folks do it all, and do it well! One peculiarity: they only serve unsweetened tea. No Southron sweet tea. This is not a deal-breaker, because their brewed tea has an excellent flavor, and they are not shy about refilling your glass. They also brew Community coffee, and that alone is almost  good enough to make me drive eleven hours from home for some! I have another reason to come to Dallas conventions. Thanks to all the crew there. You made us feel right at home. (Note to self: try Community coffee in our French press when we get home).

There will be more, but it is late, and I must shower and crash. car lag has hit both of us where we live. Kez Wilson will join us for awhile tomorrow. That should be fun and all!

We are so thankful for a trouble-free journey, wonderful biz, and for your kind readership.


Doom said...

"I told him that I believed that since he disagreed with me, then I should shoot him."

And you said you weren't nice? Seriously. Not even an ounce of snark, snide, or recrimination tharabout.

As for the eats? Oh yeah. Gotta love the real places. I dig for those places, and try them when I can, should I hit anywhere special, and I know the local spots like a golfer knows his home course. 'Use the 7 iron, and shoot a bit to the left. I know how it looks, friend, but it is deceiving... You have to nuance it to the flag. Trust me...' Food is my friend too!

All good, just... keep an eye out for that 'guy' you were nice to. They have a way of... not understanding in a very bad way, and have no understanding of crime and punishment from never having had to deal with it in real terms.

The Aardvark said...

Nahhh...he "got" it (in the context of our conversation, it waq clear...he just had to be told that I was applying his own reasoning).

I always watch my back at these things...there are some incidents on "the circuit" of hucksters being followed to their cars and robbed by people in the know (one northern con had STAFF do it!). Eyes wide open!!

Thanks for your lookin' out! We'll have to "diner" sometime.

Michael W said...

Give my regards to Kez.

The Aardvark said...

@Michael-Kez sez he owes you an email re: details of the Project or summat.

Jay said...

This is what comes from watching "The Motorcycle Diaries" one too many times.

Have been complimented twice in public wearing the DouCHEbag shirt. It also got a smile from my dad. The guys at the mens' group at my church were looking askance at me until one read what was at the bottom.

Well, as they used to say in Italy: "DouCHE! DouCHE! DouCHE! ...

The Aardvark said...