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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well, here's my turn at being petulant.
I spent literally all day yesterday (Wednesday) wrestling.
There was an incursion of gnosticism on Vox's blog, and several of us stood for the Faith Once Delivered, some more, ummmm, sedately than others, but all capably. My beef is that whereas we supply objective "thus saith the Lord" Scriptural proofs, and do so politely, the opposition provides "I feel" subjectivism, and then often resort to the passive-aggressive "You poor benighted thing...your dogma blinds you to My Sublime Truth:

"the rest was the usual that one expects to see when dealing with Dogmatic Religious zealots. Free will.... God's greatest gift... I respect all for that... I voiced my opinions, they voiced their's.....you can lead a horse to water........ many have come before, many will come later, all receive the same, including the one we call Christ. They wait for him to come but just as before I doubt they would even recognize him or accept him. Human pride and arrogance is a powerful sin."

(Arrogance=Not taking my word for it)

The objective versus the subjective: God has His ways vs. whatever Feels Good or Seems Right.
The eternal tension.
There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is death.
I'm sorry, but if an angel rides up to me on a green bicycle, I am gonna ask to see some ID.
Bottom line: I am called to teach the truth. Each Christian is. You share 'til no-one listens anymore. Then you stop 'til the next time.
Besides, when someone quotes Borges, the discussion is over! ;^)

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