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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Dread Dormomoo speaks...

We were talking, the Momoovark and I, and as usual a pearl of wisdom graciously fell from her lips (this does happen quite often, and we must pick them up instanter, lest someone slip on one and hurt himself).

For all who are like-freakin OUT about Alito and Co. stealing the Most Important Thing In The World from the women of Amerika, think on this:

It doesn't matter WHO the majority party is, nor who inhabits the Ovoid Orifice, nor even the teeter-totter makeup of the Supremes. Not a bit does it matter. Roe v. Wade is the Law of the Land, if not de jure, then certainly de facto. Abortion on Demand is set in stone, more firmly than Judge Moore's Tablets. Unless the Son of God splits the sky, and slays the malefactors, the "doctors", then that's all she wrote.

WHY, pray tell, would we even countenance such a proclamation? Because it is in the Federal Government's best interest that it be so. Think of all the poor benighted women, the real estate agents, the investment advisors, the middle-and-upper management chicas, the tenured feminist studies professors,
who would likely be in the home, raising little ones, and NOT paying gobs of withholding taxes, if abortion was not available at one's whim. Worse, if they were NOT married, then they might be on the dole, buying Chee-tos, bologna, and Wonder bread with their EBT cards, not merely being non-producers, but entrenched takers from the system.

Now Vox and crew can likely trot out numbers to give the lie to our little exercise here, but that won't matter, either, because from the FedGov point of view, it WOULD be a loss, just as trimming a percentage of increase is spun as a net loss.

Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, moderate, "independent", it matters not a whit.
The purpose of government is to perpetuate itself. It will brook no interference.

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