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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There has recently been a thread on Vox's wherein the Course in Miracles was discussed a bit.
This is curious. A couple of atheist professors suddenly begin channeling new messages from Jesus.

They are selling their revelations for a tidy sum.

I teach the original Gospel of Jesus for free.



Pretty Lady said...

Now, now. They are not selling anything at all; CIM is published by a non-profit foundation called the Foundation for Inner Peace. Please check your facts before posting.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks for the visit. I am honestly honored!
Non-profit, for-profit, seems irrelevant to me.
Money is being taken in exchange for the teaching. This sort of practise ALWAYS worries me, whether it is a "Christian Ministry" on telly, or anyone with A Message For the Ages.

My link is to the catalog page. I did peruse the CIM info I could find, and have not sullied any teaching.
I am merely reporting what I found.

Is there not a catalog with prices?