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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, my love!

The Dread Dormomoo, my sweet, is @&(* this day.
The varklets took her and us all to Mikawa, the wonderful Japanese restaurant in Huntsville tonight. We had a tatami room and everything! Mikawa is NOT a "hibachi circus" restaurant.
I sometimes think that the culinary clowns that places like Shogun or Benihana employ must grind their teeth at the baka gaijin they must entertain by debasing the art of Japanese cooking to the level of a Happy Meal, and would rather douse the customers with vodka, rather than the grill, and then set them alight.

A grand time was had, and she was given a lovely set of placemats as a birthday present by the manager, who prizes us highly, and treats us royally. The waitress, a sweet lass, tripped, and anointed my shoulder with green tea at the beginning of the meal. Hot green tea. Thankfully, it was not as hot as it really should have been, so all my shoulder got was soggy and warm. She was dreadfully sorry, and then the manager found out. We instantly had another server, a waiter. This was not our choice, and we did what we could to downplay the incident. It was no problem, merely a gaffe amongst friends. I grew concerned that I might find her head on a pike outside when we left, but no, she was OK. The manager, M***, was almost frantic at the time, and even brought some lovely beef, egg and miso soup to try.
Mikawa, in Huntsville, AL. Oishii!
We all had sushi, red dragon (tuna), black dragon (unagi, freshwater eel) Philadelphia roll, and a Rainbow roll, as we had such a gay time. In the classic sense. We shared grilled squid, various lovely tempura (this place has the GREATEST tempura. It is very light and not-oily.) and teriyaki, beef and chicken. And miso soup. Such miso we had!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love our Dormomoo!


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