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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

As Twain wrote of Smiley in the "Jumping Frog" tale:
"He was the maddest man."
No moreso than this Aardvark.
The West Virginia mining accident with its subsequent deaths and ridiculous reportage has got me in a froth, a veritable lather.
How in bonny blue blazes do you invert the numbers from 12 dead / 1 survivor to
1 dead / 12 survivors? We watched with JOY the news that most had been found alive; crowed online our praise to God, and then this morning...
Well, this is the last straw for me. I grieve for the families of the lost, whose emotions were whipsawed so savagely be the media reports, as well as by the company spokesmen (I am making an assumption, here. Where did the newsies get their info?). But I am done with the Alpha-Bits
news-makers. Even and especially FOX. They know better, and c'mon, quit letting Geraldo off his leash.

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