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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here is a bit of a turn-off for me.

No, this really ticks me off to no end. And please note, anger is not the same as HATE. Clear?

I may disagree with another person's beliefs-such is fair because "A" and "not-A" cannot both be true. I may be drawn into discussion or debate with those who are willing. I do not pound people with a ten-pound King James. I believe that what I believe is largely true and correct, otherwise what's the point? I earnestly TRY to be correct, and when I communicate, I do my best to "speak the Truth in love", as that intolerant hater the Apostle Paul taught to do.

What really cheeses me is when people who believe differently from me, or who believe not at all, get all smug and superior over my(or anyone's) being a believer, when I do not cop an attitude at them at all.

It is SO easy to make a religious strawman like: "It's dangerous to poke fun at other's religion, because they can stone you, or burn you at the stake..." when you are in the presence of fellow agnostics. How very BRAVE. Especially when I have not "smugged at" you.

Do you get it? You imagine that we hate you, when you are the one being hateful.
When all we want to do is love you, and introduce you to Love Himself.
Not to religion.
Not to rules.
Just to Love. Himself.

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