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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If it has to say "processed cheese food", then it must not be.

I have been voting since 1975.
I have been a Christian since at LEAST 1971.

This establishes a pattern. I have ALWAYS voted for "the Christian candidate". (Yes, that means that I voted for Jimmuh Carter. If there was a Purgatory, I would spend time there...)
Yes, I have always voted for the "Christian" candidate.
I have always been bitten on the bum because of it.
Mr. Peanut: High ideals from a loathsome leftist >CHOMP<

I voted for Guy Hunt, the Primitive Baptist preacher and former Amwayite (for Alabama Governor). I got Mortimer Snerd >CHOMP<

I voted for Bob Riley, the horsie-riding gubernatorial candidate, who promised no new taxes, and promptly sought a 2 billion dollar tax rise >CHOMP<

I voted for W.

Now I am faced with this.

I know that charity/agape love in 1 Cor.13 says "Bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things." But come ON!
The issue is not one of people being Christian. My problem lies in discerning The True Believer from the persons who cynically trade upon the moniker for political gain.

The old saying is "once bitten, twice shy".
By this time I'm positively skittish!

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