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Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Dread Dormomoo!

Thus we celebrate her little slice of eternity. We went to Mikawa for lunch, which is always a winning proposition. Then we got her glasses fixed. (Do I know how to show a lady a good time or what?) We messed around Huntsville and then Athens. At this time we are home, living our separate little Facebook lives... maybe I should have tried harder than the glasses thing.

A pleasant day all around. Have a good night, all!

For anyone unaware of the "Dormomoo" thing....here.


Michael W said...

"It's hard to forget a girl when you've bought her a gift on time". (Flip Wilson)

Happy Birthday, O Dreaded One.

Rigel Kent said...

To The Dread Dormomoo, many happy returns of the day.

To 'Vark: Dude, you are such a romantic! Don Juan's got nothin' on you.