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Friday, January 10, 2014

Guest post. SURPRISE!

This from our resident reviewer-in-residence, the residential Michael Wolff:

"Why Hal Needham deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award"*

I may have missed the point of the review a bit....or the title.

I'm reasonably sure Michael did the piece.

Wouldn't it be funny if Michael was Hal Needham?

*"Latitude Zero: Saving the world with gold lame'."


Michael W said...

I'm flattered you decided to offer this to your readers . . . and yes, I was the author of the piece (if you squint you can just make out my byline beneath the bathysphere still at the top of the article).

(And no, I'm not Hal Needham. If I had been, then both "MegaForce" and Burt Reynolds' career would've turned out differently.)

Nice point about Joseph Cotten and "City Beneath the Sea", but I was concentrating on starring roles. With "City" I'm certain he delivered his lines, went by the pay window and vamoosed.

Doom said...

I know nothing.... no-thing... and I enjoyed the article. Well, okay, I knew a few things, but more from 'back in teh day'. It was an excellent read and had enough cover for the uninitiated to keep score.

Mind you, I don't know if I agree, or not. No-thing. Nothing. But I reiterate, repeatedly, again. Good article and I am a beast about such things. When I flicked over, to be honest, I thought I'd read three lines to two paragraphs then go on my way. I ended up reading the whole thing. Chuckling along, or just following easily, well and a bit of gagging (exposed man-chest hairs and my gag reflexes are inextricably intertwined after having survived the 60's and 70's).

Michael W said...

@Doom --- you are kind. In looking back over what I wrote I spotted a few grammatical problems which made me wince (I tend to go with Ginsberg's idea of "First thought, best thought", and sometimes I get bitten in the hiney).

I do try to keep my audience amused as well as informed and, if it worked in your case, I'm content.

The Aardvark said...

@Michael- I was reasonably sure...though I began to lean toward Gore Vidal.

But Cotten WAS the star in that snazzy Zastupnevich outfit!!

Michael W said...

Gore Vidal with costuming by Paul Zastupnevich.

The mind boggles.

(Putting it another way: I sometimes wonder how much money Gerry Anderson shelled out for those Rudi Gernreich outfits in "Space: 1999"?)