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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday Night What-The-Hey Blog

I have been enjoying the task of "cleaning my room" by watching the "Lone Ranger" DVDs aforementioned, and found another vocal worthy: Howie Morris. Howard Morris played Ernest T. Bass on the old B&W Andy Griffith Show, as well as Dr. Fish on The Bionic Six (perhaps the best cartoon from the '80s). Later he voiced Wade Duck on "Garfield and Friends". This is the tiniest fraction of the work he has done. Any "Lone Ranger" work is uncredited, but it is unmistakable.

Only Michael Rye and Shep Mencken are listed in the end credits.

I have also picked up on a little Vic Perrin action in a couple of the episodes. "The Lone Ranger" is certainly a treasure-trove of talent.
STAR TREK - A Piece of the Action.

"You watch it, Kirk...The Book tells us how to handle things."

This one is a favorite of mine. The Enterprise heads out to check on the Iotians, and finds Finagle's own case of cultural contamination. The space vessel Horizon visited a hundred years before, and somehow left a book detailing Gangland history. The mob mentality is attractive to the highly imitative Iotians, who take it as a Bible for their entire planetary culture.