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Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding my inner Caligula.

I have spent the whole day in bed, caught in the throes of passion, the passionate orgy of the pathogenic kind. Viral romps occurring in mine own person, the frenzied feverish attempts by alien DNA to turn me into itself. I do not know where these off-brand micro-flus come from, but I don't appreciate whoever is exporting them. I got up around lunchtime, feeling somewhat better, and was about to go to the shop and take over for Riatsila, who was finishing a five-hundred shirt order. Twenty minutes later I was back in bed. Bleeeaaaahhhh.

Got up around seven PM. Ate comfort food. Watched an "Enterprise" that I had not seen before, about the Temporal War, and the Nazis invading America. Now sharing my misery.

I have the urge to appoint my horse to the senate.


We can haz hot water. Our tankless installation was completed this morning when the electrician came to wire it up. So, we were waiting for the electrician, or somebody like him. Hot shower in the offing!
We shall see what happens tomorrow. Happy weekend, all.


Jay said...

It'd be nice if they could find that fetid swamp in Asia or wherever these bugs breed from and NUKE it!

Michael W said...

It's actually a trash dumpster behind Moncks Corner High School, not too far away.

I can supply exact coordinates if you'd give me a few days to clear out.