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Sunday, February 05, 2006

When you repeat the Lie often enough, it becomes Truth.

"Ye shall be as gods."
"The Jews run everything, and it's all their fault."
"The Late Great Planet Earth"
"The 16th Amendment was duly ratified."
"It's Tax Time, and you need TaxPhraud software!"

Repetitive ummmm, repetitions cause me worry. The worry that I am Being Had;
That I am being Convinced of Something against my better judgment, like believing
"pasteurized process cheese food" is in fact food. Or that instant coffee is good to whatever drop. Or that it is coffee.

The endless ambient drumbeat of H&R this, and TaxAct that, and April 15th is coming soon just leaves me suspicious that I am being sold a very expensive tale, one that I am to accept without examination. We hold this Truth to be self-evident, that You Owe US.

I begin to question this...stridency.
The Founding patriots decried taxation without representation.
Fellow American, are YOU being represented?

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