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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Real Aardvark Birthday Update

(Don't sing the song...I don't wanna pay royalties)

Had my wife and our children over for lunch.
Spinach rolls, pizza rolls, and fajita meat for the fromage-o-phobe.
Spinach rolls? Pizza dough, filled with steamed spinach with ricotta, mozzarella, and pepperoni.
Fold, seal, drop in Fry Daddy. It's like a calzone.

Birthday cake: Scratch golden cake (It's really white, but has whole eggs.) Fudge icing (scratch, natch) which was as smooth as tourist trap marble-slab fudge.
Breyers Natural vanilla ice cream.
The Dread Dormomoo cannot handle eating wheat, so she has experimented with oat and rice flours. She baked an oat flour cake with the rest of the regular ingredients, and so enjoyed cakey goodness with the rest. (I tasted a bit. She missed nothing! It is a GOOD recipe!)

Now to the goodies:

A dinner and movie out with my daughter!

DVD: The Adventures of Mark Twain (Will Vinton's Claymation tour de force) You can read the characters' lips. Available at willvinton.net or Wal-Mart. This has long been a family favorite, now on DVD! This is ME being happy!

The Chronicles of Narnia OST on CD. Faboo!

2 Luminarc martini glasses

7-piece cocktail set, with shaker and all.
So my bid to become the Most Hated Christian Blogger continues. Martini...Christian...cocktail sets...Bible and prayer....Does Not.... Compu............BOOOOOOM!

It's called occasional self-medication. Like Prozac, but cheaper. Government intrusion has made the medical field outrageously expensive. This isn't. Besides, it's the only civilised way to consume olives.

Wait, I'm hearin' it...the whispers....
"He NEEDS it like medicine...you know what THAT means...! Of course we are only discussing this so we can PRAY for him..."

Thanks for the prayers. Can the rest.
The Scripture teaches against drunkenness.
Not occasional imbibing.
Got a problem, go to God with it. He wrote the Book.

Hey, it's my BIRTHDAY! I'm practising being CROCHETY!

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