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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Piling on.

Ooh! I used a sports term!
I did not awaken to a Morales-free world today, and I am in a quandary. Biblically, I see no problem with capital punishment. (Hmmm...death by puns.) I do have trouble with our current corrupt State having the ability to put people to death. Worrisome. But the judicial piling-on against this execution was breathtaking. The Court insisting upon a medical person to administer the barbiturate OD was breathtakingly obvious. Unless you defrost Kevorkian, you are unlikely to find a doctor ethically able to push the plunger. There are apparently some vestiges of Hippocrates left. Maybe call a veterinarian.

AHA! Call in an abortionist! No medical scruples to worry over, plenty of experience in tissue destruction.

It's good to have skillz.

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