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Monday, February 20, 2006

Vox Day has long posited the mommiefication of our culture, due to the "successes" of the feminist agenda. Two current egregious examples are
  • The fuss over scenes in the Curious George books.
Yes, Robin Roth, a California high school teacher (who also runs an "animal rights" website) is mumphing over the monkey. She complains that Curious George teaches animal abuse (keeping critters in zoos) and poor parenting (The Man in the Yellow Hat is George's parent? I guess it takes a jungle).

  • The banishment of dodgeball and now tag from schoolyards.
The widdle kiddies musn't get hurt, or "feel threatened" in public school. Ah, I guess they've figured out a way to banish bullies, too.

Because so many of the feministas are not, or cannot be mommies, they must anoint the entire culture with their oozing maternal instinct. Having made the Western world safe for abortion, they must now enwomb all of society, 'til we are all safe, warm, and sterile as they.

I was going to go on about suckling at the dry teat of feminism, but became too disgusted at the image to continue the thought.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Glad you decided not to go ahead with that thought - it is disgusting indeed. I was getting a gag reflex.

The Aardvark said...

Glad I tickled your funny bone. Equally glad I did NOT tickle the back of your throat!