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Monday, February 20, 2006

Talk radio.


I've mostly given it up. Really. But I catch bits and pieces. Here are some thoughts.

Ellis Henican- Stick with stupid cartoon voice work on AdultSwim. He listens to what the other person says, returns to his original point as if validated by the caller.

Michael Medved- I liked him once. He tends to make polemical straw men of his opponents' points, then interrogates them like the Army-McCarthy hearings. Unpleasant.

Sean Hannity- I live in the town where he got his radio start. Call it Bethlehem. He is the template Three Monkey Republican, and he offends me. How can you determine that one is a "Good American" by saying "Hello!" to them on the 'phone? He talks the party line, but I don't think he can think creatively.

Rush Limbaugh- Not. Fun. Anymore.

Mike Gallagher- Not. Too. Bright.

G.Gordon Liddy- Boy, I wish he was on here again. And I hope I look that good when I'm his age. He's smart, logical, Jesuit-trained- oooooh conspiracy!!

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