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Friday, February 24, 2006


Can it get any better?
I have dodged the Reaper's Scythe for forty-nine years, now.
Where has it GONE? The years, I mean. I have no interest in the Scythe.

I am a Christian. I believe in Eternal Life. I believe in heaven. Most importantly, I do not believe heaven is the Eternal Pew, with hymn sings on the hour. There is ample indication that the Believers of today, will be the fellow regents of the new heavens and the new earth after the Day of Judgment. We will have Meaningful Work in running the Redeemed Creation.

I'm just not ready to GO yet! I could get all spiritual and talk about all the Work to do...all the Teaching I could do by sticking around, what a powerful Example I could continue to be...you may all stop going LOL, now... but really, I'm just having too good a time NOW.

Here is a Link of Sadness

Shucks, here is the text:

To: Time Warner

We the Undersigned do whole-heartedly disagree with the moral overtone, or lack thereof, of Cartoon Network's "The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy."

The hints of paganism, the coining of a phrase from Aleister Crowley's "The Book of Law," which is steeped in satanism, is completely uncalled for in a cartoon which is marketed to children and young teenagers, as is "The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy."

Therefore, by signing this petition, we speak as one voice to the management of Cartoon Network, Turner Entertainment, a division of Time Warner, Inc. that this show MUST be taken off the air immediately.


The Undersigned


Where to start...?

  • PRAY FOR THE HEADS OF TIME WARNER! Don't write foolish petitions that waste your time and energy. You feel like you have Done Something Important.

But you haven't.

  • Do your homework. From twenty years ago. The Billy and Mandy writers did not coin the phrase. They QUOTED it. And by writing this, You look Stupid. And since I am a Christian, you make ME look stupid, too!

  • "...This show MUST be taken off the air immediately." Ummm, WHY? Because a quote in a cartoon show made grownups get upset and put together an online petition? The economy of the Western World trembles. Remember how quickly Captain Planet was yanked? Remember?
  • "we speak as one voice to the management of Cartoon Network". How about speaking as one voice to the WORLD about the Kingdom of God, and The Love that Jesus showed in dying for us? Have you written invitations to a home Bible study, where the Gospel is taught, and how to Live it, rather than lookin' for the Beast, and wondering when the Rapture is gonna take us away from the heathen Turner execs? I'm betting that your time and energy could be better spent.
My time is running out. The little Nixie tube clock that times out my life has less time on it than it did before, so don't waste my time with inconsequentiae. What did Jesus teach, to preach the good news, or to write whiny little petitions about shows that will vanish in a couple of years anyway?

Besides, I have my own work cut out for me. I'm hunting down the covens of young people driven to witchcraft by their watching Scooby-Doo. Haven't found any yet, but I KNOW that they are out their. Kids ALWAYS do what they see on TV.

That's why I'm a starship captain!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and that's why I walk like an accordion when someone drops an anvil on my head!

I remember reading a letter to the editor of a Christian magazine,(Credenda/Agenda, as I recall) about the horrible influence the Harry Potter books and movies were having on children. The editor's reply was something like this: "If your kid is really tempted to join a coven and become a witch after reading Harry Potter, what you really have is a parenting problem." In other words, you haven't taught your children to distinguish between fact and fantasy.
(BTW, Happy Birthday, Captain!)

The Aardvark said...

Awwwww, MAN, you AGREED with me!
How can win the coveted "Most Hated Christian Blogger" award if you AGREE with me...

And of course, you are correct to!
Thanks for the B-day greeting!