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Monday, February 06, 2006

Of Toons and Men.

The current Muslim furor over editorial cartoons in the Danish press is a bell-wether of Things To Come. Lookit, the grumpy followers of Allah's Religion of Peace are living in an essentially freethinking society. Freethinking begets ridicule of things that don't track, that are not consistent.
They are strangers in a strange land, guests who are insisting on Their Own Way.
In short, the Muslims are insisting that the Danes follow Sharia law. Now, I realise this is NOT a shocking revelation to some, but to most, well, we need to think this through.

Muslims guesting in a Land Not Their Own are insisting that their hosts follow Muslim Law: No pictures of Mohammed. Threats and death are being leveled at the infidels, who by definition do not believe what the Muslims believe. Besides being impolite, and just bad form, the followers of the hirsute prophet are demanding that their hosts follow the Religion of Peace, at least in form.

If the Danes-or any other enlightened European country- knuckle under to this pseudo-religious thuggery, it will be a Sign of Apocalyptic proportions to the American Left, which of course they will not get. All of the years spent worrying, all of the forests levelled for paper to print editorials and other rants, all the polls and phone campaigns to strike fear of...fear of...


and making us all watch Superbook and Jerry Falwell, and making our women look just like televangelists' wives; all the effort will be wasted, as they spent their time fighting what could be the only real counter against the Islamic predation of American Freedom.

Yes, the Gospel, the essentials of which form the basis of Western Civilisation, and Western Thought (read Schaeffer's How Should We Then Live...or watch the video series), forms a bulwark AGAINST mindless kneejerk Following. Even IF the "Christians took over" which can't happen, the regime would be far more benign than the most mellow mullah's demands.

But who in his right mind would want such a thing? I guess that the left-of-centre will have to start practising:
"Allahu Akbar....."

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