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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I keep hearing the word "retirement" bandied about. Hmmmm...I must look this up.
There is no concept of "retirement" in the Aardvark's lexicon. The idea also seems a tad un-Biblical. (No, this is not a shaggy-dog entry.) As lovely as not-working from age sixty-five on sounds, I come back to the fact that so many men die soon after retirement. As lovely as Heaven is likely to be, I have no real comparison for what it is like, and being reluctant to change, I wish to stay here as long as is permissible.

I have a business, and I have it for two reasons: to provide a livelihood for the Dread Dormomoo, meself, and what kinder are hanging on to home for dear life, and to provide an inheritance for our children, something of wealth-producing value such that if they choose, they will not have to work for The Man, said man being likely less intelligent and capable than they. (How's that for home-schooling pride?) Seriously, no pride involved, but rather a recognition of Things As They Are. (Look at our leadership. I rest my case.)
Alas, there is nothing in the program like retirement. This is NOT a matter of pride, or of better-than-you-are, but rather an assessment of Work as God has established it for mankind. "Work is part of the Curse." No. Pointless work is.

In Eden, God set Adam several tasks: To dress and keep the Garden. To dress the Garden is agricultural work, to keep the Garden has a decidedly protective, police aspect
to it. Mind you, this was PRIOR to the Fall. Adam rather fell down on the job as far as serpenty incursions are concerned. The point is: God gave Adam meaningful labor to do in the Garden . I am concerned that the world's entitlement attitudes are rubbing off on Kingdom people, especially as regards work. As far as aging is concerned, the nature of one's work may change (the picture of the older man sitting in the gate- a judicial and advisory role- comes to mind, and the role of elder or deacon in the church.), but work is still in the picture.

If someone can provide retirement info as far as the Scripture is concerned, let me know.

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Cunning Dove said...

When people ask me what I want to do when I retire I tell them I want to be a missionary. Digging wells, building hospitals, clinics or schools has a great appeal to me. I often get odd looks. Other times I get a nodding head response with, "wow. That sounds neat." or some such.

So I guess I'm with you on the "where is retirement in scripture?"