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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Prophecette:

I claim no divine power of fore-seeing, but here is my take. There is no threat implied, merely extrapolation from the present.

I seriously doubt that Pres. Obama will last his first term. I do not think some supremacist yahoo will take him out or anything like that. Rather, when he sees that all of his efforts to wrestle an obstreperous economy into submission are coming to nought, and that his approval ratings are lower than the Fed's interest rates, Humpty will fall, and no-one will be able to put the pieces together again. I see breakdown in his future. I do not wish for it. I harbor no animus against the man. I object strenuously to his policies, and I think that he is wired tight, on top of which is the burden of living up to his press.

Just some thoughts. W'll see within four years.

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