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Friday, February 06, 2009


Please, please, PLEASE go see this wonderful film. It completely avoids 3-D tackiness (typified by SCTV's "3-D House of Beef" horror skit) The voice acting is amazingly off-the-wall, from Keith David (Remember "Gargoyles"?) to Saunders and French. Mr. PC from the Apple ads is Coraline's father, Teri Hatcher her mother. Coraline is voiced by Dakota Fanning.

The score by Bruno Coulais is an unexpected treat, a complete departure from Elfman or Williams. "They Might Be Giants" do some special music (the Other-Father's song).

This movie is a treat, done in mind-boggling 3-D stop-motion animation. Please, stimulate the economy, and your senses, and see Coraline. It may well be the best animated film I've ever seen.

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