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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some people should not be taken to an anime convention!


We attended MTAC this past weekend. We sold t-shirts as is our wont, and sold them we did. Some 600 people are wearing our Aardvark-ey goodness. I will share some of my thoughts in my next entry as I promised. This is parenthetical.

David Goodman attended the con, displayed some of his art, and sketched like crazy. He kind of sucked in the culture. He and his sweet wife invited us to their home for dinner Friday night, and were excellent hosts. Their three children were energetic and well-behaved, a difficult balance to strike, but they did so, and well. They were put to bed around 8:00 PM (I mean, who puts kids to bed at 8? It was refreshing, and hearkened back to a simpler time.) We sat and talked after a deee-LISH dinner of vegetable lasagna and salad. Rachel roasted some chicken and baked a potato for the Dread Dormomoo, who cannot tolerate wheat in her diet. It was such a lovely effort, done with grace, and very yummy according to my wife. We sat in the living room after, with cool air wafting through the screens, and talked, and laughed. The conversation moved from the sublime to the insane, with bad movie remembrances interspersed. David even sang for us. We had a wonderful time! Thanks and blessings to the Goodman clan.


Well, today was the day. I went to the doctors running the drug trials, and was given news and more. Dr. N. sat me down and let me know I was in the study. All the other stuff was preliminary to determine my suitability. I am in for seventeen months. It is already paying off, as Dr. N. gave me some intel. My BP is high (need a different prescription). My cholesterol and triglycerides are high, though not massively so. My blood sugar is on the high side, so I need to watch that. Here's the funny one: all my years as a rich young Republican (pause to chuckle) have paid off, because my uric acid levels are high.
That's right, friends, your Aardvark joins Benjamin Franklin, and his own grandfather in having gout. (God be praised, no symptoms have presented, and again, diet is key. In full-blown gout, uric acid crystals form in the joints, especially the feet. The crystals are long and needle-like, and cause intense discomfort) So back off the pork, and as much red meat. It's looking like a Mediterranean diet is going to be a winner overall.
I was surprised when Dr. N. brought two loaded syringes into my room. Today was the day. I got two shots of Man-No-More in my bum. (I jest, the treatment is not that drastic...it lowers testosterone production, not halts it.)

I have experienced a bit of light-headedness, and extreme lassitude, though that may just be convention lag. I received VERY happy news, in that my PSA level was a one. One to four is normal. My issue is BPH, not prostate cancer. The Aardvark does a happy dance.

I was gifted with a nifty gadget: a digital pedometer. It was presented as a thank you for participating, but I suspect it is a gentle nudge for me to try to look more like a burglar than a grocer. They want teh Aardvark hotness to come out.

The Aardvark feels the love.


David The Good said...

You and your family were very pretty! It was nice time! I ENJOY!

Oh - and in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Why You think Rei did NOT feel weird being nakedly seen by Shinji?

Strange times!

Oh - and Wife and Me see that we make same post as your prostate. We feel honored!


The Aardvark said...

As to Rei...keep watching. All will become clear.

You were NOT in the same post. There was a thin red line separating the Social from the visceral.

Boy, you've got the patois down pat.

David The Good said...

This thin line of red was not enough for us to not feel the honor, sensei!


Unknown said...

Oh my, but this conversation will make going to church quite...interesting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to see Davido without the pink wig picture coming to mind or the Aardvark without seeing him in a gee for a while to come. O_o

The Aardvark said...

No, Misses E...

I wear purple camo at the cons.
Each of our sales team wears a different color of camo, so we come off like some oddball sentai group (like the Power Rangers).

David The Good said...

I also find honor in fact that my hair matches of the pants of Our Aardvark! Purple so pretty!

Unknown said...

Forgive dear Aardvark. I was confused by the referral to you as sensei, by Davido.

After five years or so studying with them, I keep seeing this bunch when I hear the word sensei.


Rigel Kent said...

David, Vidad, hitoki? Who is he really? I think this needs to be investigated.

And Aardvark hotness? Is the world ready?

The Aardvark said...

"Is the world ready?"

Oh my, yes!