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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I give you a choice

I am embarking on a year+ long experiment. I will happily bring you along, because it will shed light on the World of Clinical Trials, because it might encourage the guys (at least) to take care of themselves and get check-ups, and because I will be able to indulge a penchant for gross-out humor.

Naaah, I won't go into over-much detail, but I learn that some of the side-effects MAY be psychological in nature, running the gamut from depression ("Hello darkness my old friend...") to aggression. This may be a chance for you to peek into the system.

The choice: I won't force you to endure this if you don't want to. I would far rather you stay and be comfy than have you endure the "ewwwwwww" factor, and move to sunnier climes.

SO, I will let you vote. For me to report here accurately, though with some filters, or keep it to myself (or on a separate blog) and do business as usual here.

Silence will be interpreted as assent.

And yes, I'm nervous.


Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

Let the "ewwwwwww" factor begin.

Billiam said...

You have aroused my curiousity. Lay on, McDuff! "because a vision softly creeping, left it's seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision, that was planted in my brain, still remains..."

MacLaren said...

Yikes. Hope it all turns out okay.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks, vidad. I guess you may all join me in my little world of self-discovery. This is gonna be weird.

Rigel Kent said...

Bring on the weird.

Anonymous said...

Just pop a warning label in red at the top of each related post, and that way people can decide to read or skip. That's my advice.

I may only be able to read for a short while, depending on the grossout factor, but this is your blog, and you should express your thoughts and what you choose of your life here. Your turf is respected!