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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Timid Patriot.

The Blog-o-Versetm is rife with firebrands, soggy, soggy firebrands who rattle rusty sabres, and wave pistols loaded with subsonic .22s.

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots!" they cry in a whisper, because, you know, THEY might read it, and the suits in Ray-Bans and no sense of humor will come knock-knock-knockin'. Or they may just knock down the door. There goes the security deposit. They fill HaloScan with dark mutterings, hinting of Taking the Nation Back, of the Armed Insurgency, of American Revolution Revisited.

"Remember Ruby Ridge!"

Yet the mutterings are mere hints, bare suggestions of "what must be done". I cannot help thinking of the Founders of our moribund republic, who risked (and often lost) fortune, reputation, and life to cry "FREEDOM! LIBERTY! NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!" They openly published tracts, pamphlets, and books proclaiming Liberty, and giving reasons. There were militias formed of farmers and tradesmen who watered that Liberty Tree. While there was necessary secrecy as to strategy and tactics, the GOAL was published widely.

If there is to be a reclamation of Liberty, a restoration of our Republic, a rescuing of the nation from the hands of those who seek its, and our, hurt, then we need leadership who will LEAD, who will organize, and give instruction to a people who have had the Necessaries bred out of them. We don't need bloggers muttering Dark Sayings, and talk radio callers-in who whine and wring their hands, and then think they have accomplished summat.

I don't know what to do. Most don't know what to do. Help us. But not with riddles.

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