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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mormon Dodge

As a Bible believing Christian who has at least half a brain, I read what it says about "Be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you." (1Pe 3:15) and take what it says seriously. It indicates a need for transparency in doctrine and practice. If you wonder why I behave as I do (for good or ill) I am to give a reason for why . But when questions about some less-than-Biblically-orthodox beliefs and practices in Mormonism and its offshoots (Most of whom, reporters are quick to remind us, have NO RELATION to The LDS of Salt Lake City) arise, there is something less than clear in the answers.

When the Mitt Romney questions arose months back, the aether was awash with questions and concerns about (GASP) A Mormon In The White House, reminiscent of the fundamentalist worrying over the Long Arm of the Papacy running things during Jack Kennedy's presidency. Local chat shows would have A Local Mormon come on to reassure the masses that we're Just Like You, virtually indistinguishable from First Presbyterian.

BUT! When specifics like the secrecy Temple marriage, Unusual Underwear, and suchlike were raised, no chapter-and-verse was exhibited, neither from the Bible, nor from that putative "Other Testament of Jesus Christ". Instead, as one woman on a local station called in, when told that the secrecy made people nervous and distrustful, she said:

"It's not secret. It's sacred."

I for one was reassured.

I figured that it was just religious wooly-thinking. Many people put their brain in "Idle" when churchy things are concerned. Mark Twain was inaccurate when he wrote "Faith is believing what you know ain't so.", "Religion" more closely fills the bill. The Bible says (Rom 10:17) "Then faith is of hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." The Word of God -intel from the mind of the Almighty- hardly qualifies as "ain't so". However, the lady's comment on the wireless is apparently not aberrant.

This past week, when the news was fulminating over the Yearning for Zion sect's polygynous propensities, a member of the group, a wife and mother, was asked if she shared a spouse with other wives. In a tiny, mouse-like voice she indicated that she would not answer that. The reporter asked why not, and she replied

"It is sacred to me."

I hate to say it, but this way of thinking frightens me.It smacks of doctrinal talking points. If the True Gospel is being proclaimed by any LDS sect, then why the dodges, however prettily and "spiritually" phrased? Why the obfuscation? Makes me suspect that all is not, well, kosher in the Kingdom of LDS.

Makes a LOT of people suspect, I suspect.


MacLaren said...

Yes, it's interesting. Though, in the case of the polygamists, I must say I'm 100% SURE that children being raised in the environment, as weird as it seems to be, are still better off than being in the care of our government. Give 'em back to their mothers, for goodness sake.

MacLaren said...

Oh... and here's a funny story. Wrong cult, but...

The other day I was at home with the kids and my wife was out. I was wearing really ratty clothing since I'd been working on a mosaic across the front steps. One of the things I hoped to incorporate into the piece were broken beer bottle bottoms.

Anyhow, I was playing with the kids and making this high shrieking dinosaur noise at them. Like "Weeeeeoooooeeeeeeek!!!"

As I made that sound, I stepped onto the front porch with three empty beer bottles in my hand, unshaven and looking like a bum.

There stood two JW evangelists.

What could I say?

I settled for a friendly, and overly hearty "Hi!"

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Lots of folks knock the Mormons because they are into polygamy, like the Kings of Israel were, then turn right around and worship a statue of "Mary" (Semiramis) or "Jesus" (Tammuz), teach salvation by works as "Christian" &c.
Bottom line is, if you think you're going to heaven because you're a member of some abomination that claims it's the "one true church", you are in for - literally - a hell of a surprise.
The Bible says there's only ONE Way to heaven (John 14:6), because by him you get born again of God's Spirit (Acts 2:28, 39) and that new birth is eternal life (John 3:16, Romans 10:9&10).
And He spent most of his life trying to get through the thick heads of religionists to convince them of it!!!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

BTW, I thought Mormons drove GM products, mostly:)

Riatsila Viator said...

Ted, I am not at all certain as to the why of your comment...other than face value. I'm not knocking them on polygamy. If a group (or individual) claims belief in the Bible - and they do, otherwise there could be no pretense at being "Christian"- then they should abide by the principles therein. There are no secret handshakes, odd garments, or dark sayings to be hid in the New Covenant , all is transparent and open to the seeker of Christ. The hidden gnostic nature of much that is Mormon is what disturbs me, and disquiets others looking in. Hiding behind a buzz phrase doesn't win points, and is more suitable for MLM recruitment.

The Aardvark said...

That "alistair" comment was me.
Someone else had signed in.

David The Good said...

I sometimes wear special underwears that give me magic power over evil robot. Thank you for insightsss!