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Sunday, April 06, 2008

As much as I loved and respected Charlie, I have to point out the obvious. Namely, he was a TERRIBLE actor.
That's not to say, though, that he wasn't fun and compelling to watch. Thing's like "Soylent Green is made out of people!" and "Damn dirty apes!" were constant running gags in my family during childhood. We'll miss you buddy! "Soylent Green is made out of people!"...why go with the wordy quote? Pithy, pithy. "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE." Now THAT'S pith.

Verbosity makes me pithy.

I pray you are chatting with Moses even now, Mr. Heston.


Anonymous said...

I just remembered a small part I once saw Mr. Heston play.


Not kidding.

It was in "Almost an Angel," which was a Paul Hogan takeoff on "Highway to Heaven." A bank robber is run over by a car when he pushes a child out of that car's way, and he has what appears to be a dream brought on by overhearing "Highway."

"God" tells him he's a slimebag, but that he's being given another chance because he saved the child.

Now THAT'S a little more like God, I daresay, than the other representations I've been seeing of late...

The Aardvark said...

Haven't seen it.

In my darker moments I think of locking jihadists in a room, and playing "Oh God" on a wall-sized screen. Or four wall-sized screens.

I must admit to a fondness for Morgan Freeman's portrayal of the Almighty.
The rest of the movies, not so much.

MacLaren said...

I liked Alanis Morisette as God.

But as for Charlton's acting... I thought it was great.

The Aardvark said...

Yes, he was a great actor. As great as Alanis Morisette is not as a singer and/or songwriter.

Ummmmm...learn the definition of "irony", willya?

MacLaren said...

Alanis once commented that the irony of her song ironic was that it didn't contain irony.

I thought that was hilarious.

"Jagged Little Pill" is seriously one of the best albums ever.

Rigel Kent said...

He preferred Chuck. Not that I'd call him anything other than Mr. Heston, but Chuck was his preference.

The Aardvark said...

I know. I was quoting the commenter at Vox's. "Mr. Heston" is the polite way to go.

Which raises an Issue, that of the public's assumed ownership of its movie stars. "Charlie...Marilyn...using intimate first-names to talk about them...like using the "tu" form in French. Bad form.

Rigel Kent said...

I was sure you knew Aardvark, I was referring to what the overly familiar commenter said. Some familiarity is to be expected, it's even appropriate; after all actors are trying to affect us, to touch our emotions. But there is a line where it strike me as rude. I think the "charlie" commenter was on the rude side and I'm glad you took him to task for it.