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Friday, June 08, 2012

I must awa' to the Con.

Your Aardvark, the Dread Dormomoo, Michael and Denise Wolff, and a cast of Hundreds will be at Con Kasterborous here in Huntsville, AL. The con is a brand new Dr. Who gathering, and it is hoped that a Good Time and Commerce will be had by all!

As I will likely to not post, here is a Small Smackerel to tide you over:
If you like cartoons, and Boffo voice acting, this one-hour, twenty minute stage reading of the original Star Wars script by Rob Paulsen (Yakko Warner, Pinky), Jeff Bennett (Wakko Warner), Maurice LaMarche (the Brain), Billy West (Fry, Stimpy), Tara Strong (Bubbles in PPG), John Dimaggio (Bender, Aquaman). The Narrator is Kevin Conroy (Batman of TAS!) and his voice is such that if 'twere possible. I would have his voice's babies. Such a talent!

Now that you have liberally used mind bleach, gird your loins, cinch up your truss, and prepare to hurt yourself laughing! The language can become a tad ripe, but if that is a non-issue, well, LAUGH! This is how Lucas SHOULD have redone it.

Happy weekend!

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Michael W said...

Listening to your "Small Smackerel" now as I write you.