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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hail the conquering heroes!

Con Kasterborous was an overwhelming triumph! The guy in the "This Old Tardis" shirt is merrie Michael Wolff. He did two excellent presentations, one about the Doctor's companions, and the other concerning Dr. Who and its relationship to the panoply of other Brit SF programmes (you see what I did there?). He was well received, as was his wife Denise, who plied her beady trade in the dealer's room (she does beadwork jewelry, the pretty kind made out of beads so tiny that my eyes cross trying to look at a single bead).  We were all delighted to have them in Huntsville, AL. The word is out that y'all are invited next year.

Our shirty business was boffo as well, with much love of the Greenback kind passed to us for our designs. Loverly! We had heaps of new designs debuting at the con. The con chairs and staff were top-notch. From this Aardvark's view, it was a drama-free convention. This is well-nigh miraculous for any con!

Excellent work, everyone.

You've all done very well!


Michael W said...

Weatherly neglects to mention that if I was indeed "merrie" and "excellent" then it was in no small part due to his unstinting support on my poor-as-a-churchmouse behalf.

(More and more I'm beginning to believe that Weatherly's the Grey Eminence in Southern SF Fandom.)

And, along with everything else, the weekend gave Weatherly and I another opportunity to be comfortable and chat back and forth on practically any and all subject under the sun (aided by Denise). An opportunity for real-time back and forth with B'rer Hardy is definitely not to be passed up.

The Aardvark said...

"Weatherly neglects"

Can you say NOTHING nice about me?


"Grey Eminence". I like that. Sounds like a less domineering sort of "The Master" in Dr. Who. A kinder, gentler...thousand points of li...

Never mind.

And we almost never brought up ponies.

Michael W said...

"And we almost never brought up ponies".

Didn't have to. This was the experience which slammed home to me the notion that I've obviously got to take a look at the brony world.

From Bonnie's comments (both publicly and privately) I'm willing to concede that you were as much a part of Con Kasterborous' success as the official Con staff. Your influence seemed to be everywhere (if I were Trevor Howard, and if this were "Mary, Queen Of Scots", and if you were much more sinister, I could comment on how you spin "an evil web". Sigh. So many opportunities lost).

And you're apparently much more awake and conscious than I am right now.

The Aardvark said...

I often am up 'til 2am working on stuff. Unwise, but there it is.

Re:ponies. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Another convert to the paddock! (Michael and Weatherly slowly turn to Jay, point accusingly and intone "YOU ARE NOT OF THE BODY!".


Must do more work, now!

Jay said...

Ponies indeed! ... grrrrrrr ... grumble ... grumble ...

Not of the body? Ha! It's not Landru you gotta worry about ... Hey! Rei! Git over here an' glop this guy ... Huh? Wait!... No! Not me you blue haired fool! ... Hold on a ... Nuts! ... SPLAT! ... burble ... burble ...