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Thursday, June 28, 2012

But L.Ron Hubbard DID have style...

Scientology Mark Vl E-Meter Grey- barely used

So, I found one on eBay. I want this. I mean, I REALLY want this. A working Scientology E-Meter, for getting rid of all those nasty engrams, and foiling Xenu's fell plot.

It's not the working-ness I'm interested in. I mean, LOOK at it. This is Sci-Fi High Style. Great on the coffee table or mantel. The things are usually blue, so this neutral grey will go with almost any color scheme. I could even download all the Auditing questions, print 'em, and Clear all my friends and relations, for a nominal donation.

It could be a ministry...yeah, that's the ticket!

That, or it would look really cool on my desk next to SUPERCAR.

The South Park Scientology episode is amazingly clear on the weirdness that is Scientology.


Doom said...

I don't know much about scientology. I read a few books by L.Ron before I knew what any of it was about. That undercurrent in his books? Tripped every circuit in my fraudulence detector. So, when I heard what he was I knew to stay way away from it.

Every time I think of scientology (islam, and a few others) I think of of Thulsa Doom and his canibalistic flower children of peace. Is that really the device they use to "mesure" goodness (or whatever)? Oh, but wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy?

I don't blame the sheep(mostly), they are easy to be lead astray (by the way, I am not a sheep (if I do regret that sometimes)). Nor am I wolf though. I blame (mostly) the false prophets of death. Sheep are what they are, it's those who knowingly teach wrongly who will suffer hell like no others.

Michael W said...


Jay said...

Weatherly! You ... you're ... a clam!?

I thought you were a brony!

The Aardvark said...

@ Jay- A clam?

@ Michael- Wow. Hellison out-talks Robin Williams! Butcher paper...RIOT!!

@ Doom- I have tried to read Hubbard's SF stuff. Just too much. Feel the need to purge after awhile. Thulsa Doom! YES!

The E-meter registers galvanic response to questioning (like a polygraph). VERY open to the tester's interpretation. DO watch the South Park episode. As dreadful as they can be, sometimes Parker and Stone can be O.T. prophetic in skewering scams and stupidity.

And yes, those who claim to be teachers and deliberately mislead are subject to a greater judgment.

Jay said...

"A clam?"

I HEARD "clam" was a derogatory term for Scientologists as somewhere in their belief system we are supposedly descended from clams. Honest! I kid you not!

Michael W said...

@ Weatherly --- "I HEARD 'clam' was a derogatory term for Scientologists as somewhere in their belief system we are supposedly descended from clams."

I heard it was because Scientologists go good with linguini.