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Monday, June 04, 2012

How to steal an Aardvark's heart.

This is Your Humble with Ichigo Koinu.

Thanks for the picture, Riatsila!

His name means "Strawberry Puppy". Your Aardvark had a grown Ichigo once before, several years ago, but the Animal Control people took him by mistake, and he was never seen again. I was more deeply affected by that loss than by most human deaths I have dealt with (then again, I do not have a normal reaction to loss by death. Weirdness.).

Saturday, Loen came to the house and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. I opened my eyes, and there was my little guy. My son had acquired him at a friend's home, and had involved himself with skullduggery with the Dread Dormomoo to bring him to me. He immediately climbed onto my shoulder, so now I have Shoulder Kitty. He has a punk nose and a sweet disposition, and likes to sleep on my chest while I watch anime or such on telly.

Ichigo . I am happy. Domo arigato, Loen.


Doom said...

Little thieves they are. More food, more warmer, more water, more cleaner litters, more... hmm, they'll think about it. All the while stealing the only thing of gold we have... our hearts. Bah! Congrats anyway. You deserve to be pwned! :)

The Aardvark said...

I AM pwned. Well and truly. But no litter. Our outdoor mousy-grey mama cat (Nyan-Cat) is nursing her babies. We put a little butter on Ichigo's head, and she licked it off, and bonded with him. She is nursing him with her own (he is a tad little yet). I have thanked her for being a good foster mother. (Whilst I am not Anglo/Catholic, I DO believe in Blessing the Animals.)

Giraffe said...

Ye Cats!

Michael W said...

Sort of looks like Taffy (i.e. Miss Taffeta Clytemnestra Jolene Beatrix Wolff), who started out as a bouncy apricot kitten but has since then grown into an insouciant overfed lump of orange fur (who is currently giving me The Eye from nearby). Aren't they darlings?

It's been our experience that cats have a much better chance of coming home (and, more importantly, getting into our food budget) with us when they start climbing about our shoulders and purring loudly.

Can't live without 'em.

Doom said...

One thing I should mention. While I love my girls, like my women, I am pleased they are their size and I am mine. Any alterations to proportions could lead to sudden disaster. If... I am almost certain this would sadden them (for all of about two seconds). *grins*