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Friday, May 11, 2012

Two...two bullets...Ah, ah, ah!

I am a news junkie, and sometimes the tid-bit elicits a cry of joy from your Aardvark. An AIDS drug has been developed that, when you take it, keeps you from getting the disease. Yes. A pill to prevent AIDS.
Will your Aardvark now begin haunting bath houses and park restrooms? No, and definitely not because of the pill. Himself likes the team he is on. The pill, however is being trumpeted in the news, and why not? You take your medicine, and your risk of contracting GRIDS...er....AIDS is reduced by a whopping forty-four percent. That's 44%.


Russian roulette gives you better odds.
This is how desperate the news is to Be On The Right Side Of History, as Shep Smith put it about our Prexy. (Shep, go watch your video of the tranked bear falling on a trampoline from a tree.) So, every 2-3 times one does the deed with a carrier, one has a chance of getting AIDS. Add another bullet to that there shootin' iron, or as The Count would say...

Two...two bullets...Ah, ah, ah!


Doom said...

There is nothing like more sage advice and medicine from Dr. Killyouall. Since they die no where nearly as quickly as they used to, those with aids, they are a doctor's permanent pay to play things with the added bonus of being the gift that keeps on giving. What a wonderful smartassocracy we live in.

As for swing hitting, or missing as the case may be... Even as immoral as I was, I just never could figure out a reason. I am even a bit hyper-sexed. Even mostly on the dead side from a bad heart I really could... manage three wives, in spite of having become a one-woman man rather early on. Which means even with a woman in my life there will be... cold showers. Lots of them. I still just don't get it. And don't want to.

Hup, off to the showers. *brrrr* I do need a wife, you know. It would cut those by twice a week? Bah! A pox on both their... never mind.

Michael W said...

@Doom --- have you ever tried reading your commentary while playing Miles Davis os Gerry Mulligan or Dave Brubeck in the background? Should try it sometime.

The Aardvark said...

@Doom- I say this in all seriousness: I'll be praying for you to find a good wife.

@Michael- Take Five. I would pay to have Shatner recite Doom's comments to cool, cool jazz. I do a good Shatner....

Michael W said...

Whereas I do a lousy DeForest Kelley.

The Aardvark said...

If you can do a raspy "Dammit, Jim", you're fine.

Doom said...


Hmm, hadn't thought to do that, no. Doing it now. Yeah, I can see that even as a non-jazzite... from Furya... or something. Certainly... changes... adds... shapes the thing.


While I take you at your word... I'm still not sure if that is a curse or a blessing. :) Still, being that God is sort of... edging me in that direction, I'll take it. I don't, obviously, fear women. Certainly not allergic. Just, until death do we part? And I've heard it said a wife will keep you around a lot longer than you would naturally be here.

Do you think sitting somewhere, mostly out of view, and waving a white flag on a stick attracts wife type women, or just the curious like it can with deer? Just... thinking here.

Jay said...

I remember reading SOMEWHERE that every time a new "advancement" in the fight against AIDS is joyfully announced to the world, "they" pick up on their "activity" & the infection count/rate goes up. The cure is just around the corner. And always will.